To facilitate good governance, the Board delegates a number of tasks to committees. These committees provide information and recommendations, and draft policies and strategies for discussion and approval by the full Board. Each committee follows written terms of reference, which are set out in the School’s Policies and Procedures.

Committee membership is not limited to current Governors and can provide an opportunity for interested individuals to become involved in the governance of the Society.

The Board of Governors has the following standing committees:

Executive and Head’s Committee

Members: Jeremy Mannall-Fretwell (Chair), Carmen Campbell-Hewitt (Vice-Chair), Patricia Marsh (Secretary), David Poore (Treasurer), Deanna Chan

This committee supports the Chair of the Board in guiding Board activities, including setting goals and agendas, and supervising committees. The committee also reviews and evaluates the Head's administration and management of the School annually. Results of the evaluation are reported to the Board.

Governance and Communications Committee

Members: David Poore (Chair), Evan Leeson, Jeremy Mannall-Fretwell, Patricia Marsh, Melissa Safarik, Joan Yates 

This committee is responsible for the rules governing the operation of the Society, including the Bylaws, Policies and election process. The committee also oversees the public communications of the Board, including the Board newsletter, notices, Board webpages, and other printed communications.

Finance Committee

Members: Patricia Marsh (Chair), Rebecca Grant, Jeremy Mannall-Fretwell, David Poore

The Finance Committee is responsible for all School financial policies and decisions. Committee members work with the Head of School to develop the School's yearly operating and capital budgets. The Finance Committee also recommends all non-administrative fees and selects the accounting firm to conduct the annual audit.

Advancement Committee

Members: Deanna Chan (Chair), Alex Alexis, Carmen Campbell-Hewitt, Rosemary Chapdelaine, Michelle Iulianella, Evan Leeson

The Advancement Committee drafts a comprehensive long-term plan that supports the goals of the School's Strategic Plan. This plan establishes overarching guidelines and principles for fundraising activities that are undertaken by the School’s administration.