Harry Duimering

Senior Years Science and Math
Senior Years
250-479-7171 ext. 2391

What attracts Mr. Duimering to math is how concrete it is. Unlike the humanities, math has really clear-cut answers, and he believes that it’s easy for the students to reach perfection once they understand the basic rules. Science, on the other hand, is a never-ending pursuit of knowledge that is fueled by his curiosity about the world around him. Geology is a personal favorite subject, and living in environmentally friendly Victoria certainly helps fuel that interest. He often participates on the alpine hiking trips at Strathcona, and has built up a wealth of knowledge about survivor skills over the years.

Mr. Duimering is very easy going and flexible when it comes to teaching. He’s known for his rigorous exams and quizzes, especially at the higher grades, but he marks fairly and awards effort. To him, it’s good to be challenged, in order to test your limits and make you work that little bit extra.  A past challenge of his is when he helped design the current science wing, back during the renovations.

Why SMS? “It's wonderful to be associated with such an interesting, incredibly diverse group of highly motivated people who are kind to one another, and who exhibit an inspiring level of energy and enthusiasm.”

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