Keith Wilson

Network Administrator
Information Technology (IT)
250-479-7171 ext. 2270

Mr. Wilson has worked at SMS since 2002 and enjoys the challenge and variety that working in IT offers each day. He is responsible for making everything run smoothly, as the networks and systems at the school are constantly updating. He likes that with IT, there is always something new and exciting stuff happening in the field, also with new technologies to learn and master.

Mr. Wilson appreciates that, at SMS, it feels like all of the staff and students “are one village,” where everyone is constantly collaborating on ideas and working as a team. He especially prefers springtime at SMS, and wrapping up the past year while bringing in the new. Plus warm weather means staff potlucks out on the lawn, which he is especially fond of.

Why SMS? “I think it is the phrase "It takes the whole village to raise a child". This is what we do and that is what makes this such a great school to attend and to work at.”

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