Pamela Campbell

Currently on Leave
Foundation Years
250-479-7171 ext. 2205

Ms. Campbell has a flair for the dramatic. She’s very passionate about drama and acting, and loves utilizing that in her class, such as teaching new concepts through role play. It’s no surprise that her favourite subjects to teach are language arts and social studies. One of the popular projects she does every year is mock government, where students get to act out democratic processes like form their own political parties, have elections and debate in the House Of Commons. She also likes using different technology in the classroom. The girls always are thrilled when they get to make their own websites, Keynote presentations and slideshows and show them to the rest of the school.

Ms. Campbell has coached sports teams like basketball, track and field and cross country, and has organized lunchtime intramurals. In previous years she also helped oversee the Junior School student council and started a drama club. She loves seeing how energetic the girls are, and watching them thrive in these leadership roles.

Why SMS? "There is not a single morning that I wake up and am not happy to go to work that day. I get to come to a classroom filled with happy, motivated students who are excited to learn. I have all the resources I need to facilitate engaging lessons and try new things with the girls. I love walking through the beautiful, peaceful campus and seeing students from every single grade in the Senior School that I once taught. Keeping that connection with them makes me feel proud as a teacher and it is wonderful to watch their growth over the years.”

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