Rebecca Kaukinen

Kindergarten Teacher
Foundation Years
250-479-7171 ext. 2207

Mrs. Kaukinen is always enthusiastic, friendly, and quick to crack a joke; for example, she often laughs about how she never liked that the grade 6’s were always taller than her. As well, the little kids often can’t say her name, so she’s heard many creative variations including “Kaukininja.” Once, she was even accidentally called Grandpa.

She has fond memories from her years teaching at SMS, including dressing up in fancy dresses and drinking tea on Titanic Day, and making Flat Stanleys with Grade 2. Leading the After School Care in the old Junior School computer lab was always fun, and she dreams of one day starting a SMS scrapbook club. Her biggest problem, she jokes, has always been getting the ever-catchy “Canada Song” out of her head.

Why SMS?St. Margaret's School Kindergarten girls make every day fun! I love learning alongside these amazing 5 year olds!”

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