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I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday full of joy, family fun, and wonder.  Rather than reflecting back on 2016 (which had lots to talk about, speculate on, and debate!), I am looking forward to 2017 as a year full of promise and hope. With the impact  of globalization, technological acceleration... Read More
Merry Christmas 2016 from st_margarets on Vimeo. Just as the promise of fresh fallen snow brings joy to young people, we wanted to share the promise of a fresh start with those less fortunate. By doing a digital holiday greeting this year, we were able to take the funds that would have been spent... Read More
When I think about this time of year, I realize that many folks use this time to travel home for the holidays or go on a trip. Some individuals will seek out Christmas traditions that connect us to our family, our past, and our hopes for the future.  Others will use this time to explore, and seek... Read More
Last week, SMS had the privilege of having Captain Cheryl C. Major, CD present to the girls at our Remembrance Day Assembly.  She is a great role model for our girls as well as a parent and an enthusiastic ambassador for our school!  She talked about the importance of Remembrance Day, even more so... Read More
Written by Emma Glasgow, Athletics Coordinator Fall is the busiest season for Athletics at St Margaret's School with a mixture of participation and team based sports. Beginning in September, we have three cross-country teams spanning from Grade 3-12 (FY, MY, SY), MY Soccer (Grades 6-8,) SY Rowing... Read More
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