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The performing arts have their day during the annual Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival (GVPAF). Students are adjudicated in dance, instrumental and vocal music. SMS had three choirs participate: the Grade 9 - 12 Concerto Choir, the A Capella Club, and the Grade 6-8 Cantabile Choir, who was... Read More

Service Day 2016

Students to serve others during National Volunteer Week The Leadership 11 class has been working diligently since January, planning and preparing for Service Day 2016, which will be on Wednesday April 13th to align with National Volunteer Week.  This year the leadership students have been... Read More
Written by Alice Brown Today was our last day in the desert. We got up not too early and got on yet another tour bus. The bus took us to this beautiful place, called the Rainbow Valley. The rocks that were coloured from the salt, were amazing. We also saw some wild life, donkeys, insert that... Read More
Written by Mayu Shiozaki March 13th  Today, we left the hotel at 9:00. Our plan for the day was to see an old church, and to see three lakes. At first, we arrived at a small town and saw a church. In front of the church, there was a tower with a bell, and we heard the beautiful sound of the bell... Read More
Written by Caly Zhang On Thursday March 17th, we went to Santiago, the capital of Chile. Santiago is a very modern city and has a different feeling than Viña Del Mar. There are a lot of tall buildings in the center of the city. There were also a lot of police on patrol including some police on... Read More
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