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Please welcome Barbara Sutton as our new Director of External Relations at St. Margaret's School. In her role, Barbara oversees the School’s External Relations team, which includes responsibility for advancement public relations, communications, marketing, branding and alumnae relations.... Read More

Social Media Safe

Social media continues to play a large role in our society and as SMS staff we are continually being challenged to help our students use social media in a safe and respectful way. Social media and digital technology changes the way we perceive the world and interact with one another. But what is... Read More
Please click the links below to read letters from the Head of School and Boad Chair regarding Cathy Thornicroft's retirement announcement. Cathy Thornicroft Retirement Announcement - Cathy Thornicroft Cathy Thornicroft Retirement Announcement - Board Chair

Faculty Friday

Every couple of weeks we will be publishing a Q&A with a teacher or staff member to help us get to know, and showcase the amazing people we have working at SMS. This week, we interviewed Louise Huneck. You may know her as the art teacher, but there is a lot more to her than meets the eye!... Read More
Anabelle Welke had her fair share of exposure to the medical system as a child, but that’s not the only reason you would want the grade 11 student around in the case of an emergency. The Certified Emergency Medical Responder is now qualified to handle any emergency that might arise—just don’t ask... Read More
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