School Store (Dudley's Closet)

Dudley's Closet, located on the mezzanine of the South Gym, sells all of the required Uniform and PE Wear along with novelties and other items. Dudley's Closet also sells a limited selection of used, good quality, cleaned uniform items and welcomes donations at any time during the year. Please drop your items off at either the Junior or Senior School Offices. Store is open Monday and Wednesday from 8:00am to 1:00pm and 2:00pm to 4:00pm (excluding holidays and summer break).


Download the Uniform Summary (Feb-8-2017 Update)

Please visit the store for current pricing and uniform requirements. Fall 2016 brings some uniform changes in order to streamline the items required to be purchased by each family and to introduce an official school shoe for Grades 5 - 12. Parents were notified by email. If you still have questions about the changes please email the store (inquiries will be replied to after Aug 22).

There is an official school shoe required for Grades 5 - 12. It is a black leather Keds shoe (or similar style/quality), with the regular black rubber sole, available in either a slip on or lace up style.

  • the slip-on style is available in various widths
  • only the regular black sole is acceptable; white sole or double-decker platform soles are not permitted
  • Dudley’s Closet does not carry any shoe inventory.  You may purchase the Keds shoes at Footloose Shoes (637 Fort Street across from the Bay Centre downtown Phone 250-383-4040) or Kiddin' Around in Sidney (9769 Fifth Street Phone 250-656-1041). Suggest calling first to ensure your shoe size is in stock.  Or you may buy them at any other retail shoe store that carries these two styles.


Girls in Junior Kindergarten to Grade 4 have the option to wear the official Keds shoe, or another uniform-conforming black leather shoe of their choosing, and appropriate to their activity level.

Donation of Used Uniforms

SMS families can donate any clean used uniforms to Dudley's Closet.  We will resell to other families, send to overseas charities, or discard if necessary.

Reduce, reuse, recycle --- and support SMS while you're at it!

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